Moving a brand in the right direction

Our studio was approached to help rebrand an emerging early childhood education program based in the Bay Area, with potential for national expansion. The rebranding was to culminate in the development of an app intended for widespread adoption across various early childhood education platforms throughout the United States.

We initiated the project by focusing on the creation of a new logo, proposing this as the foundation for the broader brand identity. Building on the chosen logo, we aimed to craft a comprehensive brand identity, complete with a detailed brand guide.

In the design phase, we explored numerous concepts, refining our ideas down to five robust logo options. These designs were informed by extensive market research, ensuring each logo not only resonated with current industry trends but also encapsulated the unique ethos of the client’s program.

Presented to the client’s internal team, all options were met with enthusiasm, leading to the selection of four final concepts for further consideration. After careful deliberation, the client selected the premier logo, which is now featured prominently on our site.

Following this selection, our team developed a thorough style guide to support the consistent and effective application of the new brand across all future communications and platforms. This style guide serves as an essential tool in maintaining the integrity and cohesiveness of the brand as it grows and evolves.


Logo Development, Art Direction: Noble Creative Collective

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