Midtown Sutter


A mosaic of flavors, melodies and moods

The Sutter district of Midtown Sacramento is a cultural and social hub known for its vibrant street life and community-focused atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of the city, this neighborhood boasts an eclectic mix of local eateries, music venues, and boutique shops that embody the spirit of Sacramento’s dynamic urban core. Given its distinctive character and popularity, the Midtown Sutter district was in need of its own brand identity, cohesive with the larger Midtown Association brand, but also able to stand on its own.

Our team was tasked with creating a distinctive logo for the Midtown Sutter district in Sacramento, a vibrant area known for its eclectic mix of music, food, and relaxed ambiance. The goal was to develop a design that resonated with the character of the district while aligning seamlessly with the existing branding of the Midtown Association.

To start, we brainstormed and developed three unique logo concepts, each reflecting a different facet of the Midtown Sutter neighborhood. These ideas were crafted to not only capture the essence of the district but also to complement the broader visual identity established by the Midtown Association.

After presenting our designs, the client selected the “collage” concept. This design skillfully incorporates the grid lines characteristic of the Midtown Association’s logo, thereby extending and enhancing the existing brand. Furthermore, it artistically melds symbols representing the district’s renowned attributes—its dynamic music scene, diverse culinary offerings, and laid-back atmosphere.

The final logo has been enthusiastically received and is now prominently featured throughout the Midtown Sutter district. It adorns street banners and serves as a visual anchor, inviting residents and visitors alike to explore and experience the unique culture of the area.

This project not only reinforced our ability to merge new creative ideas with established branding but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering designs that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations, thereby enhancing the community’s connection to the space.


Logo Development: Noble Creative Collective

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