Giving school attendance the attention it deserves

School attendance is crucial for successful education, particularly for students from disadvantaged backgrounds who face higher risks of chronic absence and academic challenges.

In collaboration with the Sacramento City Unified School District’s attendance team, our studio was engaged to enhance awareness about chronic absenteeism and the CARE program—designed to mitigate it. We developed a comprehensive brand and website for CARE, encapsulating its mission and values.

CARE stands for “Connect. Ask. Relate. Engage.”—principles that guide our approach to supporting students throughout their educational journey. Our creative process involved incorporating elements that symbolize youthful conversation and care. Additionally, we integrated aspects of the broader SCUSD identity into our designs, such as the innovative apple concept.

Upon finalizing the CARE logo, we crafted graphic elements that cohesively represented the new brand. With these elements, we proceeded to develop a website, starting with wireframes that prioritized essential information, ensuring they were responsive and user-friendly for both new and returning visitors.

Following approval of these designs, we implemented the brand system throughout the site, maintaining a clean and organized layout to facilitate easy navigation.

The website continues to function effectively, with our team providing ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure it remains a dynamic and accessible resource for the community.


Branding, Art Direction, Web Design and Development: Noble Creative Collective

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