Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary


Carving a new branding path

The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary (FCZS) represents a unique approach to animal care and conservation, focusing exclusively on rescued animals who have been saved from unsafe conditions. Unlike traditional zoos, FCZS provides a refuge for local wildlife, creating a peaceful environment that educates and engages the community. Recognizing the need for a more cohesive and simplified brand identity to reflect their mission and enhance their visibility, FCZS partnered with us for a comprehensive brand refresh.

Our initial step in the rebranding process was to dive deep into the essence of what makes FCZS special. We focused on the animals themselves, particularly those native to the area and prominent within the sanctuary. Our design team explored various logo concepts, experimenting with fun typefaces and clean designs that balanced professionalism with the engaging, family-friendly nature of the sanctuary.

After developing several logo options, we presented these to the FCZS stakeholders, who ultimately selected a design featuring the sanctuary’s beloved black bear. This choice not only highlighted a key resident of the sanctuary but also symbolized the care and protection FCZS provides. Perfecting the bear’s depiction was crucial; we paid meticulous attention to capturing its features accurately while ensuring the design remained approachable and iconic.

With the logo finalized, we then crafted a natural yet vibrant color palette to complement the new branding, bringing a sense of life and energy that resonated with the sanctuary’s mission. The comprehensive brand guide we developed included 11 custom animal icons, each representing different species within the sanctuary. This guide provided FCZS with the tools necessary to maintain brand consistency across all platforms, from digital media to physical signage.

The new branding is being progressively implemented across FCZS’s social media and marketing materials, significantly enhancing their communication with the public. Looking ahead, new signage featuring the updated brand is expected to be installed throughout the zoo in 2024, marking a new era for the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary as they continue to promote wildlife conservation and education in a welcoming and engaging environment.


Branding and Art Direction: Noble Creative Collective

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