Tahoe Conservancy


Bringing better Visibility to a good cause

If you’re from California, you’ve probably noticed the eye-catching Tahoe license plates around. Maybe you even have one! These plates, promoting the conservation efforts of the Tahoe Conservancy, are a vibrant tribute to the mission to protect the stunning Lake Tahoe environment.

Our team at Noble was tasked with designing and developing a landing page for the Tahoe Conservancy, aimed at providing a compelling online platform where visitors can directly purchase these license plates.

The project began with us laying out wireframes to outline the site structure, focusing on a user-friendly flow of information from top to bottom. This setup was designed to engage users, offering them valuable insights as they navigate through the page.

Following the wireframes, we presented the client with several moodboards, each depicting different visual themes for the site. Upon selecting a preferred moodboard and approving the wireframe layout, we moved forward with the actual website design, refining details to ensure clarity and ease of use.


The development phase saw us bring the design to life, incorporating dynamic elements and interactive features to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the site.

Today, a version of our original design continues to serve the Tahoe Conservancy’s goals at TahoePlates.com, effectively supporting their ongoing efforts to preserve the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe.


Art Direction, Web Design and Development: Noble Creative Collective

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