Leading During Crisis


Giving direction to crisis leadership

Pete Gaynor, a seasoned expert in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and FEMA’s Administrator during the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, identified a need to share his extensive experience in crisis leadership. With that, he launched an online course titled “Leading During Crisis,” aimed at educating future leaders on navigating complex crisis situations effectively.

Understanding the importance of a strong visual identity for this educational endeavor, Mr. Gaynor enlisted our studio, Noble, to develop a logo that would encapsulate the essence of leadership in times of emergency. Our design team followed our standard logo design process, exploring various symbols that could represent both disaster management and leadership qualities. Among the ideas were a beacon shining over a fiery landscape, a compass symbolizing guidance, and a stylized doorway that incorporated steps forming the letter ‘L’.

After careful consideration, Mr. Gaynor selected a logo design that featured a navigational arrow subtly integrated into the foot of the letter ‘L’. This design not only serves as a monogram for “Leading During Crisis” but also subtly hints at the central theme of the course—direction and leadership. The choice of a simple yet powerful symbol reflects the course’s focus on guiding leaders through the complexities of crisis management with clarity and purpose.

Today, this logo is prominently used on Pete Gaynor’s “Leading During Crisis” course website and accompanying educational materials. It stands as a symbol of steadfast leadership and strategic navigation through challenging times, perfectly aligning with the course’s mission to mold competent leaders capable of making critical decisions during crises.


Branding and Art Direction: Noble Creative Collective

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