Doberman Readiness Report


Data presented beautifully

Doberman Emergency Management Group specializes in providing training, resources, and guidance to emergency responders and safety officers across the nation, enhancing their efficiency during crisis situations.

For a recent project, Doberman was commissioned to conduct a risk assessment—referred to as a Readiness Report—for the University of California, Irvine. They enlisted our team at Noble for expert assistance with the report’s layout and design.

Our task began with the analysis and organization of extensive quantitative data supplied by Doberman’s seasoned team of emergency management professionals. To complement this, we employed Doberman’s distinct color palette and recommended specific typefaces to establish a clear, hierarchical design system. This approach was carefully crafted to ensure the Readiness Report was both legible and visually engaging.

The final product was presented to UC Irvine’s security team, who, alongside Doberman, expressed great satisfaction with the outcome. The insights garnered from the Readiness Report enabled UC Irvine’s security personnel to effectively refine and enhance their safety protocols.


Art Direction, Layout and Design: Noble Creative Collective

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