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An ex-NASA engineer turned entrepreneur recognized a daily challenge faced by seniors, including their own mother—accessing everyday essentials while seated on a couch or bed. This insight led to the creation of an innovative end table designed to organize and store necessities within easy reach for those with mobility limitations. To bring this product to market and foster further innovations, our client established a parent company, BetterWayz Solutions.


Our role was to help BetterWayz Solutions craft a cohesive brand identity that would resonate with their target audience. We embarked on an extensive branding process that began with audience research and goal definition, progressing to the creation of several logo concepts that captured the essence of the brand. The selected logo uses abstract imagery to evoke light piercing through confusion, conveying a sense of clarity and tranquility, which aligns with the brand’s mission of simplifying daily challenges.

Following the logo selection, we developed a comprehensive brand guide. This guide provided detailed instructions on applying the new branding across various media to ensure consistency and effectiveness in all future communications.

Our website design process for BetterWayz Solutions followed a structured approach, starting with a sitemap to outline the site’s architecture, followed by detailed wireframes. After the client approved the wireframes, we crafted the visual design for several key pages, establishing a visual language that would be consistent across the site. Our development team then built the website, focusing on user-friendly navigation and ensuring the site was easy for our client to update and maintain.

The client has expressed tremendous satisfaction with the outcomes of this collaboration, praising our ability to translate their vision into a solid and engaging brand and online presence. We are proud to have supported BetterWayz Solutions in laying a strong foundation for their business and look forward to seeing their continued success.


Branding, Art Direction, Web Design and Development: Noble Creative Collective

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