Pure Pets


Fetching logos for holistic pet care

Pure Pets is a family-owned business that champions a holistic approach to pet care, focusing on natural products that promote the well-being of pets. Recognizing the need for a brand identity that mirrored their core values, they approached us to design a logo that would resonate with their philosophy and appeal to health-conscious pet owners.

Our creative process began with an extensive brainstorming session, resulting in dozens of initial sketches. Each concept aimed to encapsulate the essence of Pure Pets’ commitment to natural, wholesome pet care. From these ideas, we refined several promising designs, narrowing down to four that we felt particularly strong about. These were then presented to the client, who engaged with each design thoughtfully, providing insightful feedback that helped steer the direction of the project.

Based on this feedback, we pivoted towards a style that better aligned with the client’s vision. The result was a refined logo concept that seamlessly integrated elements of nature and care, which the client enthusiastically approved. With the logo set, we proceeded to explore various color palettes, ultimately selecting one that underscored the natural and positive aspects of the brand. The chosen colors were soft yet vibrant, enhancing the logo’s appeal and ensuring it would stand out in the competitive pet care market.

The final logo beautifully represents Pure Pets’ mission, combining a modern aesthetic with a nod to natural elements. This branding not only strengthens their market presence but also clearly communicates their dedication to holistic pet care, making it a cornerstone of their visual identity.


Branding and Art Direction: Noble Creative Collective

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