Feeding the Foothills Annual Report


Sowing Awareness with Impactful Design

Feeding the Foothills, originally established as Placer Food Bank in 1970, has been a steadfast community resource, dedicated to alleviating food insecurity in the Foothills region. As a member of the Feeding America network, it plays a crucial role in a national effort to combat hunger, distributing essential food and grocery products through a network of 200 independent food banks across the country.

In partnership with Market Share PR, our team at Noble was entrusted with designing the annual report for Feeding the Foothills. The goal was to create a document that not only relayed the organization’s yearly achievements but also resonated emotionally with stakeholders by illustrating the profound impact of their work on the community.

Our design strategy for the annual report centered on visual storytelling, utilizing overlapping imagery to create depth and connection between the content. We integrated vibrant pops of color to draw attention to key areas within the report, making the statistics stand out and ensuring they were not just informative but also striking. This approach aimed to engage readers immediately, highlighting the significant contributions and milestones achieved by Feeding the Foothills throughout the year.

The final product was a visually dynamic and informative annual report that was met with enthusiasm by all stakeholders. Throughout 2023, it served as a vital tool for Feeding the Foothills, helping to communicate their impact and ongoing efforts effectively. The report not only celebrated past successes but also functioned as a compelling call to action, inspiring continued support and engagement from the community to drive forward the mission of ending hunger in the Foothills region.


Content and Copywriting: Market Share PR

Art Direction: Noble Creative Collective

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