Osmos Vote


Reenergizing fundraising with fresh design

OsmosVote is an innovative platform designed to streamline the process of organizing vote-by-donation fundraiser events, particularly suited for organizations looking to host virtual fundraising activities. As part of our task to refine the branding for OsmosVote, our team at Noble Creative Collective conducted a thorough audit of the existing brand identity, pinpointing opportunities to better align the logo with the energetic and engaging nature of the product.

Our rebranding process involved a deep dive into various conceptual directions that reflected different facets of the OsmosVote service—the flexibility of customizing events, the ease of accessibility for users to start events, and the overall lively experience. The final logo design achieved a balance between professionalism and playfulness, capturing the essence of OsmosVote as a fun, user-friendly platform that facilitates meaningful community engagement through fundraising.

In addition to the logo redesign, we were also responsible for crafting the website’s home page, which is crucial in setting the tone for the user experience. Our design aimed to make the landing page not only welcoming and engaging but also intuitive, ensuring that users could easily navigate and quickly grasp the core functionalities of OsmosVote. The design featured bright colors, clear call-to-action buttons, and streamlined navigation to ensure that potential organizers and donors could effortlessly access the information they needed.

The completion of the landing page marked a significant milestone in our collaboration with OsmosVote. Once approved, we developed the page, which now successfully serves as the primary gateway for users engaging with the platform.


Branding, Art Direction, Web Design and Development: Noble Creative Collective

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